Exremistic aggression

From the moment of mental primacy and the starting point of behavioral evolution or transfiguration of a single individual in the course of his/her life ; in this specific second whatever was considered as known or habituated have entered another dimension where new areas and definitions begin to emerge and define how the dynamics of our life are interacting with every thing in our life with all its details from the second we started breathing in this life until the second our souls cease to inhale life and we shift to the afterlife of unknown eternity.

it surprise my perception how many living beings are forgetful of the fact that everything an individual is doing in their daily life is acting like a pen drawing the design of their life and based on that design the potential of their future will be determined majorly with consideration to destiny and unchangeable circumstances which resemble a minor role for the majority of people in what we can become or experience in the near and far future.

Our life is based on energy between people , planets, living things and items; the relationship between two living things or non-living things determines the outcome of interaction between them and in our life. We’re attracted like magnet pole by many things that life can offer or withhold which is why an observation swifted my thoughts toward labeling this as the psychology of “Multipolar exremisitic living” where I define this concept as [ human beings act as universal pole of energy that can only by pulled to a pole where an extreme value was situated]. in such phenomena, people are only driven to the high life by wanting the best/unique/powerful/interesting possessions in life no matter what’s the cost they might pay in order to reach their goals and they will never rest until they reach the destination where extremism exist.

Many people strive their whole life to be workaholic to own a house that resemble many time more than what they need as residence or pay more than half of their monthly salary for 5 years to own a very expansive car or manipulate people and steal their money so that they can have a first class trip to a destination where they can spend a fortune in order to have a rewarding experience. Why people can’t have a goal of having a descent residential , average car or a logical budget in their travel? Why aiming for the average things seems supremely non interesting for most of people? is the current culture phase that we live in have changed our baseline of psychological reward and taught us that in order to be happy/satisfied you have to aim for the extreme value in any anything you might have or do ?

On a personal level, the value of a certain individual have been equated by contemporary beliefs by their personal possessions, social ranking, career path, materialistic things that they can provide for other; where values such as self-consciousness, genuine unconditional pride or love, honesty, sanity, self control, benevolence and kindness are considered non-

practical values and their existence in a person is considered an accessory and not an essential value in an individual. The self image/esteem of a person is merely a reflection of the social values in where the person is living and such pressuring social norm expectations limits the bassline of values for a person to a specific set of qualities where the person is forced to comply with them unconditionally in order to fit in the society they live in. which make the other values indirectly non-important for the majority of people.
nowadays, many of social norms have been globalized as an indirect affect of the media where the shareability of the events, interests, valuable things are all over the world which have shifted many socities and countries to adjust to the globalization of social norms with disregard to authentic social norms based on religion or cultural costumes.

One of the most trending globalized norms is the fact that success, happiness, satisfaction is all based on money and if you have more money you will have everything that you have ever wished for or live to feel and aspire yourself to be. such materlisitc based living have been found to be not true where many studies showed that happiness is only achieved by having a genuine non-conditional relationship with an another individual as evidenced in the longevity study that took many decades for its result to be published.

In where the prospect of materialistic based living is surely a very wrong way of living and choosing a spiritual path is always satisfactory and will grant you happiness which is the eventual outcome of many things that we aspire our self to do or have. for a very simple observation that you don’t need a person or a possession or achieve a goal to reach happiness and grateful spiritual containment and all the things that you aspire your self to have or be which will result in a specific feeling in which you can have that feeling without equating your happiness and satisfaction to them with absolute clarity that such concept must never affect your motivation to achieve what you want in life but it should only give you a perfect psychological palace for your mind to be absolutely in control and give a mind set where a balanced psychological status is the norm and the remaining of emotional mental status are the minority and occasionally rare.

The goal in my perspective is to achieve psychological minimalism of the self where the baseline of your happiness, success, satisfaction is achieved from within you not from what you’re or what you have by lowering the bar of the things or people that can make reach this status which make you psychologically self- complementing with the fact you need people and things to reach such a status with care that their non-existence is not a condition to reach such a status.

My personal massage on such observation that, an individual must have the mindfulness to observe the fast movement of living that we live in where people want a quick fix , quick salary, quick reward and follow the social trends which will result in a behavior which will make them behavioral junkies to the social norms without the attentive consciousness to filter what’s right/ wrong, what they really need to reach a psychological status of joyful containment of who they are or what they have and make them truly appreciate the blessings they have in their live without being on the edge of a feeling that they always want more of everything and not achieving that will make them miserable or unhappy.


The Dynamics of Emotions and its Interplay

From the beginning of the most minute basis of everything that exists into the intriguingly evolved emotional beings as who we’re “complicated collections of emotional mixtures that drive our life into different pathways and ends; labelling our unique individualism based on the sporadic experiences and circumstances we go through in life.”

From the beginning of the most minute basis of everything that exists into the intriguingly evolved emotional beings as who we’re “complicated collections of emotional mixtures that drive our life into different pathways and ends; labelling our unique individualism based on the sporadic experiences and circumstances we go through in life.” Throughout our journey, we encounter the many flavourful colours from the tiny transient trips from the emotional spectrum of our experience.

As ancient as ever, our ancestors have lived in a constant state of emotional mixture which is fed by survival, anticipation, vigilance and sadness to make them survive all the surrounding circumstances and from such powerful negative emotions the contemporary generations exist.

In 1980, an outstanding psychologist Robert Plutchik have introduced for the first time the psychevolutionary theory of emotions; in which emotions have an evolutionary history and varies across cultures, but prototypic patterns of emotions exist in between in which such emotions can be conceptualized in pairs or by polar opposition and in each emotional composite the degree of its intensity and similarity expresses a notable variations from one to another based on time, space and emotional baseline during the emotional event. Robert was the first to introduce the dichotomous module of negative and positive emotion.



In our life and on daily basis, we are creating continuous memories based on our experiences which is the wheel spinner of our psychobehavioral metamorphosis of our being in all the aspects of our personality;  which stems from the concept that your current personality and all the personal qualities that you withhold have existed initially in a certain shape and throughout life every experience with its emotional mixture and intensity and correlation to everything you have ever had have carved the details of the current monument that you’re at this single second in its intricate complexity.

In 1996, Cahill et al, conducted an experiment in which he termed it the: The Emotional Memory in which memories are better retrieved if they exhibit a very intense experience as compared to non-intense experiences. Interestingly, he found that a structure in the brain called the Amygdala; which has a role in memory processing, decision making and emotional reactions, was very active during the recall of the intense event which  enhanced the ability to store these memories.

With interesting relevancy with the current practice of meditation, where the meditator creates an emotional bubble filled with specific emotions and the varying degrees of intensity in which a repeated cycle of an emotional experience is being lived and relived over and over in the same session and day after day with the constant practice in which the produced physical behaviour will be produced after such an experience; with the meditator repeating the behaviour everyday, such repetition is creating his/her personality and the stored memories by indirectly affecting the intensity of the negative emotions that a person might experience and concordantly influence the brain to recall positive emotions more than negative emotions  which acts as a psychological positive reinforcement which results in achieving the optimal interpersonal psychological hygiene effortlessly and repeatedly in which the frame of perception/conception/reaction has been altered into a different template, for as long as the person is repeating this meditative emotional bubble in which he lives in during his/her practice.

The brain and its compelling circuitry lacks the sensitivity in differentiating what’s realistic and what’s a practice of imagination in terms of its psycho-physical effect on a person, but such a fact is very interesting for the reason that a person who’s living in a very debilitating negative environment can conceptually imagine a space filled with positive joy and absolute freedom which gives an emotion of deliberation and consequently the psychological impact of being in that bad negative black bubble will be minimized .

Emotions are the only currency in life that you will ever need to exchange all the things that you don’t want with the things that you do want or wish to have, from all the materialistic to spiritualistic belongings that have ever existed in humanity. Such notion would stimulate the minds into harvesting the garden of thoughts and actions into the most eye treasuring and heart soothing garden of abundant various flowers and fruits that you will live in forever effortlessly and purely with your choice and willingness.

Sensory Over-Satiety



From the first grasp of a newly born life into the touch of an exhausted tearfully longing mother to give her baby that odd tactile vibration  of her warm touch an existential welcome to this world. In that first touch, the body of a sensory naïve baby will grossly flinch at the touch like it would have been invaded by a gush of cold ice cramming all senses at once. All human beings are surrounded by many signals in this unconscious fastidious universe; from the second our eyelids apart from its lips to the sound of the alarm overwhelming our senses to the touch of the floor on our feet parting and dis-parting the floor with each step with our eyes fathoming the details of the surrounding to our bad morning breath and our sticky dry mouth offsetting our taste buds.

Everything we touch we hear we see we taste  for the first time is registered with a meaning an emotion and each code of emotion is linked with a thought a person a motive a desire an obsession of attainment  which will transform all our abilities to actions.

If you hold a child in your arms and you feel the vibration between your body and his/hers when you or he/she giggle and you see that joyous pure symmetrical cheek uplifting smile with its contagiously  overwhelming energy on your emotional heart, you feel a sense of purity in all forms and a sense of attachment beyond all bodily forms.

What I have just viewed in its macroscopic details to our senses illustrates an example of a tiny trip in our journey of senses from the moment we take the first breath waking up to the sun rays to the darkening second of our eyesight.

Frustratingly the world is trending toward having a constant sensory clogging in every single second with everything that could be ever used as a sensory trigger. Through your walk to work you hear the noise of the cars the footsteps the whooshing sound of the tree leaves trembling on each leaves trying to resist the wind and you look at all the faces that passes pay and all the surrounding and the meaning of every single detail of what you just consumed involuntarily into your senses.

You open the door and your eyes are tirelessly puzzled from the many people that you’re seeing and all the chatter that you hear with no absolute defining label of each interactive thought between all that you can hear or a label to all the facial expression that you see with every lip smack.

All that is a source of energy with its different types and channeling of a single type will produce a reproducible known outcome and channeling of many will have uncertain outcome into which a single energy will overcome the other and all the of that is just our sensory environment that exist eternally without our well or control.

A male monk in his 40’s who have been living in the temples all of his life Is surrounded by nature and sea waves and conscious non-distracted human beings who practice deep wishful silence and allowing a very selective precise sensations into their loop of thoughts and in such they create a certain trigger for a certain sensory to overwhelm their thoughts in singularity each thought at once;  such loops they’re reproducible till eternity because of their diligent practice to remind their body and mind that’s this is who you’re and this is what you’ve always done , what you have always wanted  and everything that you do every day will be guaranteed to happen tomorrow given that they’re your everyday habit ” it’s an everlasting fulfillment of self-habitual desire to feel balanced after you reach that level of sensorial satiety”. Monks and meditators have a daily practice or a spiritual prayer or a thoughtful journey to keep their senses on the right track of joy, love, impermanence, gratitude, self-control and inner strength and throughout their journey they control their sensorial energy to create a loops of senses that must be practiced on daily basis or short-term basis to bring existence of such emotional senses into a loop of daily interactive living to be in that zone with absolute energetically grandiose channeling of focus  and negligible distraction by side tracking activities with low driving energy on our thoughts.

On the contrary if you observe a life of an executive middle aged women who was raised in a family with a high professional rank and being on the top of her class throughout her learning trip and now leading a company with 2000 employees working under her command; close your eyes and imagine the variety of the many facial expressions that she sees every day with its different meanings and goals and how each face is associated with the voice tone that she’s hearing and how all these variable various energies have forced her into replicating or being affected what she is sensing without her control , her surrounding demands an intense interaction with everything and everyone otherwise she would fail to achieve career satisfaction.

Such observation is illustrating to us that our surrounding is overwhelmingly bombarded with triggers to our limited input of senses which if reached it will offset our balance from its zone of perfection which what we want to have on daily basis without being manipulated by anything. It’s factual that we cannot live like a monk and deprive ourselves from many things just to control our environment but we can create a sensory filter or a shield by zoning in deep thinking or by focusing immensely in a task or a conversation or by listening to something to distract you from all the unneeded chatter and noise. That’s why nowadays you see people walking with headsets all the time even at work our focusing majorly  on their phone or at something, only few people are wandering in their day and are able to withstand the tiny bursts of senses from all things they interact with but before this era of sensorial over-satiety most of the people they didn’t need a distraction because what they hear , see, feel and taste is so limited and repeated and non-variable but con-temporarily your eyes is seeing so many unique  over detailed buildings with different shapes and colors not like before all the buildings were very similar and with tiny details and even the different types of outfits or wearables that you now see Is far more complex to our senses than before and such expansion of details and varieties and the existence of a mixed unique dualities of things that we experience in our travel across many cultures applies to all the senses that we can perceive and the meaning of each must be stored into our memory and will be labeled with an emotion to be reproduced whenever possible .

TIYRAQ magazine interview


  • Tell us about yourself ?

My name is othman almutairi and I’m 23 years old. I’m a simplistic spiritual being and bound to earth in all the aspects of my life. I cherish surrounding myself with people who have creative ideas and dreams . I’m a hyperactive person with extroverted personality but I’m serene most my time, I appreciate solitude and conscious non-materialistic living. I appreciate being a source of motivation and support to many people that I care about. I like to lead and motivate people to follow their dreams and ideas at its initial form. I find joy in helping people and that’s way I choose the medical field. I’m very interested in neuroscience and psychology but I choose to follow my dreams in expanding my life journey to the human brain by aspiring myself to be a future neurosurgeon.

  • When did you start crocheting and who taught you ?

I started crocheting 4 years ago. I was self-taught by watching youtube videos and reading many book about how to crochet and how to do creative patterns. Also, I read so many books about the meaning of colors and pattern to give an artistic sense in my pattern and color choices.

  • Why did you choose to crochet instead of others hobbies ?

I was watching a movie and there was an old lady rocking on her chair and she was talking about her kids and she was extremely worried about their life ; so I said to myself I’m worried about my future and I need to calm and focus to maximize my wins through all the circumstances so I said to myself why don’t I try crocheting because it requires loads of continuous concentration and I will stop thinking too much. I’m a person who like to work by hand and I did few experiences with painting but I didn’t find  the drive to continue.

  • What’s the most challenging part in crocheting ?

to have continuous concentration through every stitch and to keep track of the different pattern in each line of the actual project you’re making and to remember it when  you continue next time.

  • Does crocheting helps you with your lifestyle in Med-school ?

Absolutely, what I do is , I study for 40 minutes and then I crochet for 10 minutes to give me enjoyment and reward which describes to basic cycle of behavior among humans ” actions- rewards”. It make me more focused and calm most of the time.

  • When do you feel the most creative- we live in a time where everything is wither a click or a short drive away, why do you think people should continue to make things by hand?

I feel the most creative when I want to make a crochet piece for someone. I have to understand their personality, color preferences, how this person will use what I give them all the time and to keep it with them all the time. It’s unfortunate that the era we live in is a very fast era where people wants quick effortless things and they don’t pause and be conscious in what they make in their life and what brings them joy and happiness, many people found that in browsing the social media without having a hobby or a hand based hobby where they connect all their senses when they touch what they are making or hear their hands creating a special piece or even smelling ” painting, pottery ”  with seeing things existing  by their own creation rather than just indulging their eyes by browsing the social media or playing video games.

  • Have you thought about turning your hobby into a business?

I did, but through doing that I lost a very precious unique feeling of just giving beautiful meaningful things without wanting for something in return but to just enjoy the feeling that you’re conveying to the receiving person and embracing the moment of unconditional giving.

  • Do you have another hobbies ?

I have been doing yoga and meditation on daily basis for the past two years.I have a blog and I write about philosophy, motivation, psychology, observation from our daily life and love poems. I have a personal journal where I write thoughts and experiences on weekly basis or when I have a special event. I do pottery occasionally but I’m not so good with it yet.

  • Do you have any comments for the readers regarding having confidence in doing what they like ?

I sincerely suggest that every human being must connect with their inner being through a hobby and such a connection must  be exercised on daily basis to strengthen the bondage with yourself.  Everybody should be confident to drive them self into the path of their  interest and you must never let go of your desires and dreams that you have chosen to do consciously with paying attention that its religiously rightful  to do.

Mental Transposition

My breathing is shallow

My heartbeats are decelerating

My Thoughts are transpositioned scattered on different timelines in my space

Reliving all the unanticipated observations of children laughter, Infant tears and glimpses of abrupt undisturbed  love affection

I feel their facial creases on my face masking their tearful smiles

My throat gush sympathetically by the heartaching shocking news of a dying premature infant between his mother’s arm

I’m paralyzed by the convolutions in my head failing to comprehend how our life is thrown in multidirections,  abruptly in heart trembling courses of pure truthful laughter,heart shearing tears and the sudden disconnectedness of  two cuddling heartbeats.

I’m Static

My thought are in distorted fusion with each thought,but I’m transcending by the compelling unexpected polarity of my Thoughts.

Normalisation Of Senses

A blizzard of fountaing emotions, a contusion in thoughts and believes. in the true essence of that fraction of a second when we open our eyes and become humans living,sparkling abrupt curious formulation of a definable confabulation of appreciating what’s surrounding you,building up fractions of that mental image,definig how do you feel about that stimuil what’s it! what does it mean! what’s its value to me In the very early phases of life, in the very first exposure of experiences we tend to form that primodrial concpetion on each single perception, and to feel the underling sentimental apprhension of that stimulating singularity of emotions.

Certainty in the meaning of thoughts,is merely a refelction of the extent of its accurate concurrent ocurrance, that have passed in our life,in such manner that all the living minds in any point in time is a  collection of all forms of sensory perceptin, in which each modality confer a certain spectrum of  mental interpretation, and in that spectrum each category of senses is uniquely individualised to each person which make a single stimuli such as pain or pleasure is felt differently among human beings.

Generalisation and masking of thoughts is a true perception dilemma of emotions, in where a crossd sensation might be conceived as one, such as pleasurable pain and whats intriguing in over lapping sensation is its motor exemplification, in where such mental definition be executed as actions and reaction determining our pyschology into things in uncertain connection between the cause and effect which make it implausible to predict which modality is conferred in each singular emotion in a single person in a life time.

Acquisition of meaningful impinging conception, that will be stored in our memory, would be acquired thourgh truamtic or accidental event that might happen to us through self inflection or others inflection, introducing a strong stimuli into our senses,which will reamin semi permanently stored in our psychosomatic memory, in which make it difficult for those who face post traumatic stress disorders to appreciate a single sensation as unexposed parties, in where we face the complex portrait of predication, in which aspect of colors does  the dominant reside nurture or nature or our biological wellbeing.

Genuity and source of origin, appreciating the sense of real things ,a halting affection of our mindset upon senses will draw a primitive image on their true meaning or feeling accordingly, and from that instance the flame begin to light the chain of conceptions into our consciousness trying to correlate, associate and define their individualised meaning, to consequently interpret a single perception to a strong conception through actions and reactions defining that avid point of origin reflecting their individualised  psychological genuity of things and emotions.


I’m different from you
I’m into you
I can’t believe
I haven’t thought this thing through
I’m strangulated by you
I’m suffocated by your words
I’m distracted by your eyes
I’m paralysed by your breath
I’m inconsistent
I strive for your existence
I shiver when you gaze into my distance
I horriplate when i see your face deflections
I’m breathless
I’m wheezing
When our eyes aligned my breaths bursts
My heart tremble hearing your heartbeats
Step into my imagination
Make this torturing surreal
A screaming feel
Make us real.