Mental Transposition

My breathing is shallow

My heartbeats are decelerating

My Thoughts are transpositioned scattered on different timelines in my space

Reliving all the unanticipated observations of children laughter, Infant tears and glimpses of abrupt undisturbed  love affection

I feel their facial creases on my face masking their tearful smiles

My throat gush sympathetically by the heartaching shocking news of a dying premature infant between his mother’s arm

I’m paralyzed by the convolutions in my head failing to comprehend how our life is thrown in multidirections,  abruptly in heart trembling courses of pure truthful laughter,heart shearing tears and the sudden disconnectedness of  two cuddling heartbeats.

I’m Static

My thought are in distorted fusion with each thought,but I’m transcending by the compelling unexpected polarity of my Thoughts.

Normalisation Of Senses

A blizzard of fountaing emotions, a contusion in thoughts and believes. in the true essence of that fraction of a second when we open our eyes and become humans living,sparkling abrupt curious formulation of a definable confabulation of appreciating what’s surrounding you,building up fractions of that mental image,definig how do you feel about that stimuil what’s it! what does it mean! what’s its value to me In the very early phases of life, in the very first exposure of experiences we tend to form that primodrial concpetion on each single perception, and to feel the underling sentimental apprhension of that stimulating singularity of emotions.

Certainty in the meaning of thoughts,is merely a refelction of the extent of its accurate concurrent ocurrance, that have passed in our life,in such manner that all the living minds in any point in time is a  collection of all forms of sensory perceptin, in which each modality confer a certain spectrum of  mental interpretation, and in that spectrum each category of senses is uniquely individualised to each person which make a single stimuli such as pain or pleasure is felt differently among human beings.

Generalisation and masking of thoughts is a true perception dilemma of emotions, in where a crossd sensation might be conceived as one, such as pleasurable pain and whats intriguing in over lapping sensation is its motor exemplification, in where such mental definition be executed as actions and reaction determining our pyschology into things in uncertain connection between the cause and effect which make it implausible to predict which modality is conferred in each singular emotion in a single person in a life time.

Acquisition of meaningful impinging conception, that will be stored in our memory, would be acquired thourgh truamtic or accidental event that might happen to us through self inflection or others inflection, introducing a strong stimuli into our senses,which will reamin semi permanently stored in our psychosomatic memory, in which make it difficult for those who face post traumatic stress disorders to appreciate a single sensation as unexposed parties, in where we face the complex portrait of predication, in which aspect of colors does  the dominant reside nurture or nature or our biological wellbeing.

Genuity and source of origin, appreciating the sense of real things ,a halting affection of our mindset upon senses will draw a primitive image on their true meaning or feeling accordingly, and from that instance the flame begin to light the chain of conceptions into our consciousness trying to correlate, associate and define their individualised meaning, to consequently interpret a single perception to a strong conception through actions and reactions defining that avid point of origin reflecting their individualised  psychological genuity of things and emotions.


I’m different from you
I’m into you
I can’t believe
I haven’t thought this thing through
I’m strangulated by you
I’m suffocated by your words
I’m distracted by your eyes
I’m paralysed by your breath
I’m inconsistent
I strive for your existence
I shiver when you gaze into my distance
I horriplate when i see your face deflections
I’m breathless
I’m wheezing
When our eyes aligned my breaths bursts
My heart tremble hearing your heartbeats
Step into my imagination
Make this torturing surreal
A screaming feel
Make us real.



In this Monochromatic portrait of delusion

in its archetypal unending crackling folds of foil

resembling a source of enlightening light

through self-presumed delusion of our own

non-existing ideation of endless bombarding images

every image is depicted through the tiny deflections of  foil

representing our reactive conception towards realistic and

non-realistic Perception of all there is bounded by

an axis of heart in mind

where the fruit engulfed in the foil

ideate the source of that loving infinite natural magnetic energy 

that give us

the sense of belonging

the sense of being safe

from all that surround us to a spectrum of

otherworldly realistic vibration of

mindful happiness


mesmerizing  prettiness .

Vegetative reasoning


It’s me,,,
I’m still,,,
I’m earthbound,,,,,,,

It’s me the whispering vivid voices between the creases of overlapping rocks,,,,

It’s that screaming  non existing  thought of a still non living thing,,,,

I’m improisond  within,,,,

Locked in forever,,,!

Between the interlocking waves of mindedness feeling a vast absolute winding  rendement,,,,,,

It’s the state of showing the livings what’s been dead,,,,

No matter how my thoughts  and emotions flicker with every winding wave,,,

I’m moving  inside with obvious stillness,,,

I’m locked in but I’m hyper,,,

I’m shouting my heart out of existence,,

Out of belonging to the  emotionally  living  things,,,,


I’m strolling  through  the corridors  like a cadaver with a living  soul ,,,,,

screaming  I EXIST ,,,,

I can fall into gravity,,,,,

I can feel your touch ,,,,,

I can sense the heat of your words,,,,

I can hear your blood bursting out of your heart with every heartbeat,,,,

It’s just the true meaning of my insides, it has no relevance with my outsides,,

I might love ,care , get excited but I’m detached from inside,,,

But what matters is the force of self pulling gravity upon things and livings,,

Without  minding  the detailes…….

So mind me,,,
Feel for me,,,
Love me,,,,
Check on me,,,,
Keep me safe ,,,,

Until I get out of this,,,,,

Pseudovegetative  state of resembling the reason  behind everything……..?

A Flooded Flow of Delusion

Triangle of conversion
Triangle of conversion

In the mingles of an angleless  corner of a delusional epistemic  existance of a compelling flooding flow,

In the echotic rendering sights of self reconciliating  sbujecation of unplausible  unjustified self justification of fabricated reveries  of equating nothingness,

In the stunted provisional visual imagery of precedent triangle of conversion

to that eternally forcing attention

of all there ever have been and the corresponding averted repulsion

of defining all the intangible definitions

 in that castle of existing constitutionality of an axis

of  self perspective cosmos  where an interchangeable

perpendicular octo-dimensional triangle can persist

in a one existing compelling parallel mind of infinite

universalties  in abrupt clarity of regularly irregular regularity of chaotic regulism

into focalising  centralties

of attention onto the untargeted territory of focusedness

in the settling frustrating devastation of these finite

determinedly unbounded axial spatiality of the cosmo-humniculus

evolutionizing  existance.


Modality of Perception

In the starting end of unending inner cosmos of our own ungravitational spatiality  of being the non being, in the contingencies of real illusions of our own conception of this holy cosmos in creating infinite phenomenology of mind  where all the fleeting presentment is instinctively  and autonomously building up  the basis of all there is in our own mind  but what are the distinctive determinant that constitute  our conception toward  such stimuli where others may find it   trivial and others may find it life worthy  and what is the true distinction between  sensation-perception  when it comes to our bodily mind  where a minor perturbance of our own streaming thoughts  can flare up a devastating life threatening state  just under the effect of our beliefs  toward life “psycho-somatic illnesses”, in the mysterious  immersed  dimension of our body axis consciousness  in creating such perpetually  overstated  perceptual conception  in creating the right sensational  proportion to induce such physiological response  and how can we justify  the basis of our interoceptive sensibility  like why joy is recognized as joyful or pain is painful and why some people find pain joyous.

furthermore, in order to make sense of the prior inquisition we can interpret    such distinction  by the mean of physiological and psychological  interpretation  therefore sensation is  merely a reflecting energy of our own interaction  with the various sorts of energy   in our selfs  and the things that surround us as a physiological response  where perception is based on our prior  sensation  of certain forces where we might have been exposed too and have already been interpreted  or  a newly formed knowledge of such stimuli  in all the elementary aspects but in a very complex coherent attitude toward the triad of sense making (Perception -Cognition – Action)  where there’s a very  crucially intricate crossing happening on the level of multimodal perception to delegate the wholeness complexity of our multimodal cognition  creating a pattern of our sensorimotor’sensation-action’  activity   in correspondent correlation  of our current activity and pre-exposure, where our sensation is nudging  its own landscape of attractory  in our categorical perceptual cortex’mind’ by the meaning of the stimulus not on its potency  and there’s a very significant  example in intermodality influence which is one of the most common illusion of cross modality which is the McGaurk effect” its a phonological  misrecognition based on a conflicting  audio-visual information  in hearing  a ‘Ba’ sound repeatedly  and seeing someones mouth saying ‘Ga’ at the same rate silently will misperceive  the heard  sound in an intermediate  sound “Da’.

Secondly, these are some hypothetical beliefs  about the origin of our interocentive sensibility on emotional experience, a perception of an illusory physiological changes or a perception of  actual physiological change or the central representation of feedback from the whole body toward the first level of emotional experience (phenomenology)  where all of these contribute to the second level of emotional experience (awareness) then self reported emotional experience and all these processes have occurred just as a correlative  adaptive response  upon the exterior world   and its highly associated  with your own stereotyping experience in defining a meaning for a certain stimuli like for example people find some  type of pain joyous and some find it dreading but fortunately  we’re fortunate  in having the will in creating our own meaning of all the things that surround us to a certain humanitarian extension bounded by time and space.